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As a Big Data Developer with the Optum Data Management business division of UnitedHealth Group, you will be a technical leader working on a year-long Big Data Project, ingesting hundreds of files into a Hadoop ecosystem, enriching Hadoop data, and distributing significant amounts of that data to SQL and to dozens of other applications. You will be focused on the Military & Veterans Pillar, which is building and supporting a variety of Big Data, Document Management and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Job Responsibilities for this position will include:

Create, Configure, Implement, Optimize, Document, and/or Maintain:

Custom Talend jobs to ingest, enrich and distribute data in a MapR Hadoop ecosystem

File, source and record level data quality checks

Logging and Error Handling

Job & workflow scheduling

Unix scripts

Hive Tables and Views

Role-Based security across all data storage locations, including file, table, row and column level security

Hadoop-Map R Folder, Processing and Storage Components

Compare data across data storage locations: from files, to Hive, to SQL Server

Work as technical leader on agile teams, including supporting story creation and maintenance, create right-sized technical documentation, maintain rally and support scrum and project meetings and status reporting

Leverage existing frameworks and standards, while contributing ideas to or resolving issues with current framework owners. Where no framework or pattern exists – create them.

Work independently and at times with partial information, moving as many deliverables forward and mitigate impact of blocking issues

Professionally influence and negotiate with other technical leaders to arrive and implement the most optimum solution considering standards and project constraints

Mentor junior and other team members in all related Big Data technologies

Candidate Skill Set

Talend experience
Java proficiency
MapR experience
SQL Server development experience
IBM CDC experience
Hive experience
SQL experience
Unix shell scripting experience

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