Quality Analyst - Entry Level


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Quality Assurance

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Full Time

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3 - 5 Years

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Developing software quality assurance plans
Reviewing, analyzing, and assessing software life cycle data (planning documentation, requirements, design, code, tests, etc.) per project documentation and applicable standards
Participation in various system and software lifecycle activities, including, but not limited to, requirements, design, software code, and test case/procedure reviews.
Witnessing software integration, loading of the software, and formal test execution
Participation in various project meetings as needed, including project status, Program Management Review, Preliminary Design Review, Test Readiness Review, and Stages of Involvement
Scheduling and conducting project audits, including project lifecycle phase audits (requirement phase, design phase, coding phase, testing phase, etc.) and non-phase audits (planning, progress, data item review, change request, configuration management, traceability, and environment)
Creating and managing corrective actions for process non-compliance issues discovered during audits
Participating in and ensuring effective data item reviews
Performing releases of software life cycle data
Provide customer support and assistance

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MindsMapped Consulting




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