Senior Hadoop/ETL Engineer

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Full Time

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5 - 7 Years



Santa Monica




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This vibrant start-up company is on the fast track, and is looking for talented people to continue their rapid growth. As a Senior Hadoop/ETL Engineer, you will be part of a team of passionate Tech Ninjas and create innovative systems from scratch, all while enjoying a beautiful beach front work environment, a free gym membership, and the flexibility to work from home 3 days a week!

Candidate Skill Set

Experience with Cascading application development platform.
Experience with Oozie workflow jobs scheduler.
Understanding of various input/output file formats such as Parquet.
Experience with multi-cluster environments.
Strong and meticulous approach to testing, quality assurance and operations.
Experience with MapReduce, Impala, and/or Big Data infrastructures.

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Mindsmapped Consulting



Posted Date : 2015-06-07

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